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What we do

Custom web applications can be built around your existing systems, resulting as a bridge between the old and new. In no time custom web applications make your organization react and change quickly and reduce the struggle. Properly coded web applications are maintenance-free, flexible and scalable with little effort.

Main Business Domain Services

CodeVian has built reputation by providing full range of e-commerce services. We have delivered custom solutions to individual as well as well established businesses. Here we are a leading provider of e-commerce development service providers in India and deliver advanced e-commerce solutions with various shopping cart platforms.

Our Specialization in e-commerce Development Services

Social Media Application

Now-a-days companies are following the social media mechanism because they were believe that it is a platform for interactions with existing customers, new customers and new local/global markets. So, building social media applications with interactive and user-friendly interface can bring various new opportunities for your business to win prospects in social media platform.

Our Specialization In Custom Social Media Application

Custom Booking Systems

CodeVian is for the companies that need a custom built booking system. This is suitable for enterprises, which require advanced management features, including all-in-one financial and reporting solutions. Our enterprise online booking software also cuts time spent on staff and resource management, with an unlimited amount of admin users provided as standard.

Standard Custom Booking System For Every Business Type

Custom E-Learning

E-learning includes a variety of training models, including audio-video sessions, computer-based training, self-paced programs, web-based training, and so on. E-learning programs and courses are of different types and therefore the administration is difficult with the right mode. Here we help you develop e-learning applications.

Various eLearning Application Development Services and Solutions

Technologies We Cover

  • Core PHP
  • CodeIgniter
  • Net Enterprise Application Development.
  • Laravel Application Development
  • Node JS
  • AngularJS
  • MySQL
  • Mongo DB

Server Environment &Repository

  • Linux:Windows
  • AWS (AmazonWeb Services)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Rackspace
  • GIThub
  • Bitbucket
  • TFS

Relevant Works


IndyBuild is a free entertainment industry platform being developed to fully showcase creative and performing artists and to provide resources to the entire entertainment community. It’s almost like having your own manager, publicist, booking agent and merchandiser available 24/7 to take care of complex business details so you can focus on your craft. IndyBuild aggregates the millions of fans that engage with artists on other social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others. We also share advertising revenues with our talent members as well. IndyBuild is an empowering platform built for the entire entertainment community.


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IP Conference

GIPC, in its ninth year, is an annual meeting platform for Board-level IP managers, IP regulators and policy makers, as well as IP experts, litigators, investors and their advisers in a dialogue designed to discuss best practices and solutions to enhance IP management strategies.

The GIPC is also academic in nature, besides being a commercial hub of new ideas and insights.It has the potential to offer continuing education units (CEUs) to its participants.


Project Link

Bike Beagle

Independence and straight talking is what you get with bikebeagle. Our write-ups, reviews and recommendations are 100% independent and we have no reason to recommend one bike over another.

When the idea for the platform was being hatched, we wanted to create a place where people could research their next bike with ease. To be able to search without being bombarded by advertisements or have to sift through hundreds of listings across many different sites. We wanted to make the search for your perfect ride an enjoyable experience.


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How CodeVian will Deliver

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