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Project Description

“Bollywood Insiderr” is an portal for Latest Gossip’s ,Current Affairs on Bollywood Celeb’s, Movies, Wardrode, Romance, Blogs from Celeb’s on Diet Tips.

What we have used to makes this Richer :

  1. Technology we have used to develop this project is PHP 5+ and WordPress 4.3
  2. We have integrated an WordPress theme to provide more features and attractive.
  3. Page builder is used to build custom templates, pages with sidebars.
  4. Facilitate with different layouts for Header and Footer section.
  5. Admin can put up the Advertisement Widgets with different layouts using theme option panel.
  6. Custom Post Types (CPT) and Taxonomies settings are managable in theme option panel.
  7. Category layout’s for posts on different page in grid , list , pagination or sidebar layout.
  8. Change your preferred language for website using theme option panel.
  9. Custom background color for header , content and footer.
  10. Import your custom fonts in website using theme option panel.

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