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Project Description

Coupon Machine is an e-commerce store where you can find the best deals with great discounts, coupon code and promotional cashback on every product.

Here you find the development threads:

  1. Technology we have used to develop this project is PHP 5+ and WordPress 4.2.4
  2. We have implemented custom theme with option panel where admin can manage the whole store in just one click.
  3.  Developed seperate post types for adding Vouchers and Offers.
  4.  Advanced Custom Field(ACF) plugin is integrated to add custom fields.
  5.  We have set an seperate API option, so with that users can compare the best deals on different stores.
  6.  Users can register on store and manage their own panel i.e. Manage their coupons and offers on dashboard, Manage to add or delete the coupon or offers at any time, Raise an discussion with admin if an issue with any coupon or offer, Can also see their status about their last deals.

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Coupon Machine
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