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Project Description

“Designschool” provide a stimulating and complete design education that lives up to the latest market demands, leading to a rewarding and well sought after profession. Their aim to develop all the necessary skills needed for you to solve the wide variety of real-life design challenges that are faced by professional designers today. their aims are to support and develop individual creativity and nurture artistic skills. They also prepare the students for the increasing demands of the market with respect to quality of presentation, style, aesthetics and psychology relating to the design environment.

Main Threads:-

1. Adding the school

2. showing the all school

-can view the profile.

-can delete the school.

3. Program List

– can see the school list with program and degree.

– you can activate or deactivate program.

– You can also see the program details via view.

4. Create program

– Here school/institute can create the program.

– school can see the list of program also edit and view.

– school can view and edit profile.

– school can change the password.

5. Report

– Here school can see the program list and the information of student who contact them for the program.

6. Website Search

– When student search for the program the list of related program with school name and view button appears.

– After that student click on the View button the detail of the program displyed.

Technology Used:-

  • CodeIgnitor.
  • Attractive fonts used and the website is complete responsive.

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