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Project Description

Project Description

GetWrap” is a website related to Image Editing Tools. The main advantage of this website is proper editing of image without reducing the quality.

Main Threads:

  • 7 Main Editing Option and Sub-Option in each main option is Provide.

1.Filter:- Used for picture style editor i.e. Black & White, sepia etc.

2.Adjust:- Used for adjusting brightness, contrast and saturation of image.

3.Crop:- Used for cropping image. Sub-option is for cropping image in different ratios such as 1:1, 2:1, 3:2, 4:3, 16:9 etc. also cropping image in inches (Can manually enter value). Can also cropped by mouse.

4.Resize:- Used for set height and width of images, rotating and creating mirror image as well. Height & Width can be set in “Inches”, “CM”, “MM” and in “Pixel”.

5.Split:- Used for split image in 4 different format as we select.

6.Text:- Used for adding text on image. Text can be edited  in Text Sizes, Text Colours, Text Styles and Font Names etc.

7.Wrap:- Used for Applying 3-D Effects to image. Effect can be applied in 4 ways 1)White Wrap 2)Black Wrap 3)Gallery Wrap 4)Reflective Wrap etc.

Technology Used:

  1. Technology we have used to develop this project is CI(CodeIgnitor).
  2. Javascript and JQuery (fabric.js, caman.js).
  3. HTML5 Canvas.
  4. CSS3 for styling.

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