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Project Description

This is a proof of concept for a web application/service that offers classes for online tutoring.Students can self-register for the service. They can then select from a list of available classes and specify times they (the student) are available. Teachers also self-register and can select student class sessions that they will mentor.

Main Threads:

1. Account creation
o Students can self-register
o Teacher can self-register
2. Teachers
o Set up time that they are available
o See a list of classes that they have been assigned to teach
o Start a Class. Will start a BBB video class with the Right PDF loaded.
3. Student
o Request a class with date and time.
o Classes will be from a system provided list
o Class availability dates and times are based on the availability of teachers.
4. Feedback–later iterations
o Students can give feedback on the class
o Teachers give feedback on student
5. Administrative interface
o Application logging
o View Teachers availability
o View logging of app usage and BBB sessions
o View classes scheduled
o Feedback from teachers and students
o Batch load Students, Teachers, Classes

Technology Used:

  • Code Ignitor
  • BBB Third party API.

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