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Project Description

Twinme is the E-commerce website for ordering the self 3-D statue. In that person can view his 3-D image. He can select 3-D image from multiple 3-D images. After that he can order the statue. The customer can create his own profile. He got the Mail for delivery of product.

Main Threads:

  1. Custom plugin for rotating 3-D image.
  2. Order tracking system is provided i.e. customer can see the progress of product delivery.
  3. QR code system for customer to view his own scan. Customer need not to enter his details he has just scan the code by using mobile and then he can view his scanned images or 3-D image.
  4. Attractive fonts used and the website is complete responsive.

Technology Used:

  • CI (Codeignitor) with proper coding standard.


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