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WordPress Website Development

The Axontech Software Services has extensive experience in working on WordPress platform. Our developers and designers have developed several WordPress Websites Design. We design WordPress portals given the possibility of conversion. We have extensive knowledge and experience in building WordPress website.
WordPress is easy to use. We train you so that you can handle most things on your own. We try to keep most things dynamic so you can enjoy the beauty of the CMS. Generally, our approach saves you a lot of money in regular maintenance. It also removes the addiction to get things done from the developer. We try to develop a system and train you to get the best power WordPress from CMS. We have developed several WordPress websites. Our customer satisfaction rate has also been very good.

Services we provide on WordPress Website Development platform given below

WordPress Theme Development

We develop custom themes of standard quality and good quality. A generic business theme is full of features you do not need. We provide a theme with things just need. It helps to keep the light and to get the best charging time and optimum performance. We keep costs in your budget so that you do not mind going for a custom for your business, rather than the generic theme.

WordPress Custom Plugin Development or Customization

Our Developer develops the high quality plugins and also follows WordPress coding standards and industry best practices in developing WordPress plugins. We also provide maintenance and customization of wordpress plug-in.

WordPress Customize API

This course covers how to integrate your theme or plugin with the WordPress customizer. We will go over how the customizer works, what native controls WordPress offer and how to setup your own custom settings to go into the Customizer.

WordPress Graphic Mockup

This course covers how to integrate your theme or plugin with the WordPress customizer. We will go over how the customizer works, what native controls WordPress offer and how to setup your own custom settings to go into the Customizer.

WordPress SEO

We offer keyword analysis, competition analysis and develop a complete SEO strategy. We follow the result-oriented approach for SEO. We have great results to WordPress website owners through our expertise in marketing WordPress websites.

WordPress Website Maintenance or Redesign

We have extensive experience in maintaining existing WordPress websites. We’ve improved performance, updated graphics, updated the theme, added plugins, and added features. In addition, we can redesign WordPress sites to better meet your needs and improve your conversion rate.

Customizing the WordPress Admin Area

In this course you’ll learn how to customize the WordPress admin in a number of different ways. We walk through customizing the login screen, admin navigation, admin color schemes and even how to create custom dashboard widgets. With each example we show how to code the solution from scratch or use a plugin so you can follow along with these customizations regardless of your skill level.

Extensive Customization with WooCommerce and related plugins

WooCommerce is the leading Ecommerce plugin for WordPress and allows you to easily turn any WordPress site into a site selling products. In this course you will learn everything you need to know to start customizing WooCommerce sites and building custom WooCommerce themes of your own.
We will go over each of the WooCommerce template files so you know what theme includes are located where. Then we will get into the more advanced topic of working with WooCommerce hooks in order to customize WooCommerce from the functions.php file.

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